Sunbeds are one of the most popular methods of achieving the best natural looking tan possible. Northfield Tanning Centre are experienced and highly skilled in ensuring that clients get the results that they want.

As a registered member of the Sunbed Association you can be confident and reassured that you are in the hands of trained professionals. Our Tan Sun Vitesse 225watts vertical tanning booths offer a full coverage tan, in a comfortable,
hygienic environment.

The requirements of each individual customer will vary and our fully trained staff
are on hand to guide and advise the tanning programme that is best for your skin tone and texture. They will also take into account any previous artificial tanning experience you may have had when determining a programme.

Vertical tanning booth: 3 mins £2.10 | 6 mins £4.20 | 9 mins £6.30 | 12 mins £8.40

Leg Tanner: 5 mins £2.50 then 50p a min thereafter

Courses:60 mins £36.75 | 90 mins £52.50 | 120 mins £63.00 | 180 mins £84.00

Last entry for Sunbeds 15 minutes prior to closing. Minimum age 18.

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